My name is Nooshin Lua Rouhani and I am the Owner/Manager of The Beauty Spot in Oro Valley.

I have been working in the spa industry for almost 10 years now. I have a Masters Degree in Environmental Management. Organic and environmentally friendly products have always been important to me. My interest in the spa industry first began in retail. I started marketing and selling natural product lines to spas in the UAE. Stepping into spas on a daily basis and learning the in’s and out’s of spa management heightened my passion for skin care and aesthetic work.

Having moved to Oro Valley over two years ago I felt a need for a day spa in the area that would cater to pampering and indulging the senses. The idea behind The Beauty Spot took a few months from inception to its grand opening in June 2018! I have been fortunate to have the amazing support of my family and friends in the Oro Valley community. It is my hope that The Beauty Spot will grow in reputation and be known for its outstanding service as a haven for wellness and tranquility.  With the support of my fantastic staff I am sure this aspiration will be realized soon.


Jerri Campen has been a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) since 2016.

Passionate to educate herself, in 2005 she trained with two massage therapists for over a year, learning the ins and outs of massage. After her children left the nest, she decided it was time to finally get her certification. Before massage became her career, Jerri worked in office jobs for many years as a leasing agent, Internet Coordinator and Admin, and book keeping.

Getting tired of the 9 to 5, she decided to take her power back and managed her own business for over 15 years – deep cleaning/painting for management companies. After years of very hard labor, it was again time for a change and that is when she decided to do what she truly had passion for – massage.

Hard work is what she was taught at a very young age, but you also need time to play and have fun. Jerri enjoys making things like jewelry; she loves to cook; she likes to swim and has practiced meditation and writing since the age of 14. Jerri is also busy with family life as she has been blessed with lots of children! She is a mother of three boys and two girls who are on their own journeys, creating their own lives. Jerri is happily together with the love of her life and has a beautiful dog to complete her family.

Jerri sees that life can be a pain some times but knows that counting your blessings, being grateful and giving back as much as you can helps keep joy in her life. Jerri’s dream is for all of us to live pain free as she suffers with pain of her own and knows it can be hard. But keep getting your massages, keep smiling, and be thankful!


My name is Sami Hagen-Yahraes. I am the Lead Aesthetician here at the Beauty Spot.

I have been a licensed aesthetician since 2016 and graduated from Pure Aesthetics, a natural skincare school.

Growing up a health nut, I’ve always had a drive for beautiful, healthy skin. I have multiple certifications, trainings, and continued education behind my license. I’m always learning! In addition to advanced product and ingredient knowledge, I specialize in personalized treatments including Dermaplaning, Peels, Brazilians, and Brow Artistry.

In my personal life, I am happily married with 2 kitties and my horse. Originally from Texas, I have been riding horses competitively my whole life, and I’m so blessed to keep doing so!

If you have any questions about our wonderful natural resort skincare line, Pevonia, or any of our services, I will be your go to! Come see me at The Beauty Spot to change your skin, and get on a professional and customized program!


Hi, I’m Savannah and I am the Yoga Teacher at The Beauty Spot.


I started practicing Yoga in 2012, when I decided to change my lifestyle. My poor eating habits and lack of exercise were finally starting to catch up to me. I began educating myself on nutrition and trying different forms of exercise. During this period of time, I found a passion for health and wellness and wanted to share my passion and knowledge with others. Yoga was the thing that really spoke to me. It is like nothing else, combining strength, flexibility and body control/awareness with mental aspects of focus and relaxation. Getting my Yoga Teacher certification was the next logical step. I set off for Costa Rica to attend a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school earning my RYT-200 certification. I came back from my training even more excited about getting to teach yoga to others and began teaching right away anywhere I could. I then became certified in plant-based nutrition through E-Cornell to help round out my health and wellness knowledge. 

I am originally from Florida and have spend most of my life caring for children. The children I have worked for have been some of my greatest teachers. Teaching me how to slow down and enjoy the moment, use my imagination and keep things fun. I try to carry those lessons with me and use them in my yoga classes.